The Osborne-Parnes
Creative Problem Solving Process Manual


Dennis Daupert, Ph.D.

Creativity at Work


The Osborn/Parnes CPS Process is a structured, reliable method for generating innovative solutions on an as needed basis. It tremendously increases the likelihood of creating novel and useful solutions to any kind of problem. The CPS Process is effectively used by groups and by individuals working alone. Ordinarily, people tend to think only of what has worked in the past when faced with challenges. Also, people most often rely on convergent thinking (i.e., looking for the single, best answer) to solve problems because that's what was rewarded in school or at home. But by combining convergent and divergent thinking (looking for lots of good answers) with imagination at every stage of the CPS Process, we open treasure troves of fresh, innovative and workable solutions.

The Osborne-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process Manual is intended to be a working map to help you navigate through the creative problem solving process. It can be used by trainers and workshop leaders seeking to help others learn a powerful process for innovation. It can also, clearly, be used by individuals working alone and by self-directed work teams.
Dennis Daupert, Ph.D. is Owner and President of Creativity at Work, a company dedicated to promoting the learning and use of tools and techniques for enhancing creative thinking in business and everyday life.
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This manual is divided into the following sections: